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Happy to announce that some of my music with mountain themes (Hochkönig, Sommerstein, Selbhorn, Symphony 9 etc) will feature for two months in a multi-media presentation at Galerie-Kunstwerkstatt Roswitha Foch, Dorfstrasse 15, 5761 Maria Alm, Austria. It opens on September 13th, and will run to the end of October.

The CD master of my Stormlieder (25 settings of poems by the North German poet Theodor Storm), performed by Mária Devitzáki (soprano) and Christos Marinos (piano) was sent to the factory for pressing this morning .... at last! We will present the CD at a recital at the Horto Festival in Greece on August 17th, the official release date. At the same time the songs are published physically and online. I would be delighted to receive preorders: the disc for 12 Euro, the scores for the same. The performances are wonderful and definitive. Could not be happier!

Just wrote the background music for this trailer!

Legionary: The Blood Road - the official trailer:

A new relationship with Luxembourg Music Publishers:

August 2018: Performances of Stormlieder and Presentation of the CD at the 

Hortos Festival in Greece. 

I’ll be there!

Duo Perle concert in Hinterthal, Austria

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July 2018

You can download, or get a printed copy of my complete Stormlieder here:

June 2018: Recording of my Stormlieder, Books 1 - 4 in Trier, Germany 

by Mária Devitzáki and Christos Marinos. 

The recording is dedicated to the memory of George Hadjinikos.