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Travel Plans until August 2018

February: Spain

March: Brighton, Berlin

April: North Germany

May: Italy

June: Wales, England,  CD Recording in Germany

July: Austria

August: Austria, Germany, Greece (Horto Festival), Germany, Austria

Ongoing: revising and sending pdfs and CDs to Ty Cerdd and the National Library of Wales: 

so far 21 String Quartets, 9 Trios and 12 other miscellaneous Quartets, Quintets and Sexets. 

Much more to follow! Hard but good work, travelling back in time ….

August 2018: Performances of Stormlieder and Presentation of the CD at the 

Hortos Festival in Greece. 

I’ll be there!

Summer 2018: two piano works will appear on the SACEM 2017 Compilation CD

June 2018: Recording of my Stormlieder, Books 1 - 4 in Trier, Germany 

by Mária Devitsáki and Christos Marinos. 

The recording will be dedicated to the memory of George Hadjinikos.

27th January 2018 in Bielefeld: Toasting the Haggis! 

16th January 2018: Release of my new solo piano cd. 

75 minutes of me playing my own music! Details to follow …

For Piano 1

January 2018: Chanson Triste, for Orchestra.

January 2018: a new Sonatina for Cello and Piano.

January 2018: A new website … this one!